Photography Fun: Fire

So I was one night enjoying a pleasant Sunday evening and I took the liberty of building a fire for my mother. It was then that mesmerized by the flames I felt the desire to take some pictures and then edit one in Photoshop.


JohnHErcekIII (2 of 2)


JohnHErcekIII (1 of 2)

So this is what I did:

First I opened the original document in Photoshop and created a new layer.

Then on the same layer I created a hue and saturation layer with the following settings:

Hue: -180

Saturation: -11

Lightness: -5

Somewhat negative eh? Well enough with the bad puns. After that I created a brightness and contrast layer  with the following settings:

Brightness: 30

Contrast: -30

This helped bring out the worn-look of the fireplace and more emphasis on the now blue flames.

Anyways here is something cool I did. If you like photography stick around and see my other works under Digital Imaging & Photography as well as my Visual Media categories and I will see you guys in a few days.