BYU-Idaho Events: Lip Sync Battle

Social Events at BYU-Idaho this last February held it’s second semesterly “Lip Sync Battle, inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s “Lip Sync Battle.” Sadly there was a shortage of performers that actually signed up for the event.

Was the event publicized enough to get the word out? Will a small group be enough to entertain the audience? We soon learned the answer as will you after watching this segment.


BYU-I Student Profile

For my Communications class we did a student profile on aspiring ceramics artist Debra Seamons. The following content is interview and VO done by Darren Windberg.

New Projects In the Works

Hey guys Ercekj here!

So I realize that among all the crazy of my life that I have been forgetting to blog.

Sorry guys.

But rest assured I have been crazy busy shooting film for my classes, and my work.

Coming soon though will be more reviews on some products I tried as well as something big coming next year.

In the mean time here is a video that I helped put together for my video class. My responsibilities were location scouting, Actor’s director, and being secondary editor for sound.

Until next time!


Doritos Advert “Bold Ninja”