End of Week 12 On to Week 13!

Hey guys it is Ercekj here with another fitness update!

So if you have been keeping up with my fitness journey in my last blog post I made a short video updating my progress and talking about my plans for the next 6-8 weeks leading up to my goal date.

But rather than talk about the supplements or my routine I wanted to talk today about something that is a huge motivator for me in the gym and can help you reach your goals!

That thing that hardly costs anything can make all the difference to your workout and overall feelings of the experience. The thing I wanted to talk about is music!


Picking Your Jam

Music is one of the best things that can make or break your workout and I love my music when I am in the gym trying to get shredded.  I have my own favorite artists and music that really pushes me to give it my all no matter what day and what I am training.


The rule is simple when choosing music: Only listen to what motivates you!

For example if you are doing a cardio workout pick music that is upbeat and cheerful. Does not matter what artist or what genre, as long as it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good!

Some people find cardio the most difficult part of there workout but a workout is not one without a cardio session.

Best way to help with the difficulty? Good music to jam out too when you are doing your session whether you like biking, swimming, or just going on the treadmill.

In Conclusion

So that is all I have for this week. I am sorry it is such a short one. But I will be back next week with another update and also some advice on working out as well as how to get more bang with your buck when it comes to purchasing supplements, and or gear.

Also down below are some reviews I did on some products. One is a beauty mask and the other is a beverage. The titles really say it all. I hope you enjoy them and I will see you awesome guys next week!

Review # 1 Face mask


Review #2 The Monster-In-Law



Transformation Beginning Week 5

Hey Guys Ercekj here with some news.

Well some good news and some bad news. So I will start out with the good news first.

Good News

So after training for a good long time my strength has improved to where I bench one hundred and fifty pounds flat and one hundred and forty pounds at an incline.

As far as cardio is concerned I have also increased my cardio from running at six miles an hour to six and a half and I got to say it felt better pushing myself further this week.

I also enlisted the aid of some new supplements to help with my goals, thus leading into the bad news.

Bad News


JohnHErcekIII (1 of 2)

The Bad News first is that I gained another three pounds in the last week alone leaving me at 186 lbs.

I attribute and or blame this on my inexperience in dieting. The fear of this all turning  into another big, fat, failure and not getting to bed at a reasonable time has definitely been messing with me as well.

Oh! And I had just learned that apparently my family has a history of type II Diabetes.

For those that are new Diabetes is a disease where the body of the person who has it has an inability to produce or respond to insulin resulting in the body having at best an awkward metabolism when it comes to processing carbohydrates.

In my case though I have not been clinically diagnosed with having Type II the chances of me getting it are still pretty fair. I mean because I live an active lifestyle but even so if I am not careful I could still get it.

Learning this I also stopped taking a supplement that maximized my insulin production to help build muscle and loose fat. Reason being that it messes with my pancreas and I did not want to risk ruining my pancreas.

What’s the Takeaway?

JohnHErcekIII (2 of 2)

Well, one thing is for sure I am staying accountable for my actions. I could have easily photo-shopped some guy’s abs onto me and said I was doing fine but I am not one to lie about things like trying to shape my body.

Also that would take forever for me to do and it would more than likely be a terrible photo.

Through this all I am encountering some difficulty and when stuff like this happens we got to ask ourselves not what we had done but have not done.

For me I realize I could be training much harder so now I will. I also learned that even though one supplement was aiding me in the short run it could have messed me up later on in life.

If there is one thing I would hope that any of you who read my blogs, look at my photography or watch my videos it is that the little problems happen now so that the bigger ones do not happen later.

Anyways that is what I recommend to anyone else that is struggling whether it is loosing weight, getting a job, or whatever the struggle may be. Be grateful for the small problems keep on fighting, and I will be posting again next week!


ref.: http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/default.htm

Disclaimer: Photos were taken on my phone or handheld camera ergo the quality and the cut-off watermark.

Where is week 4? Comedy and Tragedy

Hey Guys!

So this last week I did not post anything. Mostly it was because I was embarrassed to report my bad news..

Also I had a ton of family stuff happen last minute and then I was finishing up another project meant to challenge myself as a editor and comedian.

The Bad News

Long story short to my dismay I gained some weight.  I went up to 183 lbs and I was very very upset.

I actually cried on my bike ride from the gym to where I live I was so upset.

Good thing was that I reached out to my friends the vast majority of which were big fitness enthusiasts like myself. They were very supportive, offered me words of encouragement, as well as some new things to do when I work out, eat, etc.

So this Thursday I should have better news to share with you regarding my transformation process as now I will be on week five.

The Project I was working on

I mentioned I had been working on a video. If you have not seen it yet it is on my You Tube channel down below.

It is what I call in a long series of projects that I will be putting together called “Sketch Comedy Videos” or “Sketch Compilation Videos”. Anyways enjoy and I will be back with you guys in a few days.

Sketch Compilation Video


Revelations : What is your dream?

This year has been one of eye-opening realizations and revelations. A lot of people talk about what great things that they have planned for the year; lose weight, finish school, find love to name a few. I had something else in mind as this new year began.

I wanted to find my true passion and then make my passion a career.

But how? I did not know what it was. All my life I had always been dissuaded from one thing to the next.  For example back  when I was five I had a dream that I would become an Archeologist. This was mostly having been raised with films like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Jumanji to name a few.

Well, my mother sat me down and then told me what I would have to do. One, I would have to get a Doctorate at college which meant 4-8yrs of schooling. Two, I would have to teach in order to support myself. Lastly, I would have to publish new things to stay employed.

I look back on that and now I think that it would not have been so hard if I had tried. But in the mind of a five year-old that seemed more work than I wanted to dedicate at the time. So that dream quickly died. That became the mentality of myself for many years and even now to this day I find myself looking at anything with scrutiny.

Especially when someone asks the worst question(in my opinion) ever when they talk to you about your profession:

“Is it really worth it?”

Now that I look back on it I could have made a great Archeologist. Alas I will never know. What I do know is that regardless I know how to do something and that I enjoy it. Our tastes change constantly, what you may like one day may not be the same for you the next day or heck even a year from now.

I still love history, but now I love other things like photography, video, and making people laugh which is something I strive to do everyday.  That is my calling and what I do. I also make fitness related blogs too.

To see some of my video projects check them out here: John Ercek

For more content stay tuned, until then my friends,



Paranormal Documentary Update: The Rough Cut

Hey guys!

So the Rough Cut of my documentary is out on You Tube. It is a little bit longer than the required time. My documentary right now is just nine seconds over the limit (7-8 minutes) so I am looking at stuff to cut.

Please take the time to not only watch it but also to comment and tell me what you like what you did not like, and also if anything seemed to not make sense.

The Final Cut will be available on my You Tube Channel this up coming Monday July 11, 2016 so keep your eyes open for that. I will also be posting it here as well as on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

Thank you guys so much for the support and critique and a big shout out to Adam Anthony from the Paranormal Service Department as well as Scotty and Jenene from Rose Hill Cemetery who took the time  to talk to me and show me the history of Rose Hill.

Names in order of appearance:

-Scotty Davis: Rose Hill Cemetery Sextant
-Jenene Eddins: Rose Hill Cemetery Office Assistant
-Adam Anthony: Paranormal Elleviator and Head of Paranormal Service Department.

Paranormal Update: Rough Draft

Hello Guys and Gals!

So for this update I decided to create a little video explaining how things are going also included below are some pictures I took.

Anyways go ahead and enjoy also do not be alarmed by the bandage I donated plasma earlier today.


Photos right here:

photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Update on the Paranormal Documentary

Hey guys,

So right now I have more than just a screenshot for you guys. The good news is that right now I have a good story line featuring the urban legends surrounding Rose Hill Cemetery in Idaho Falls, ID.

I do not want to say too much because there are three really good stories surrounding the cemetery and I will be posting a rough cut of the documentary here later in a couple of weeks.

But right here is a screenshot of me just doing some editing in Premier right here:


Anyways that is the updates so far. I was really scared that this documentary was going to be scrapped but thank goodness I found another route to take and it is working out really well.

Still working on a title for the documentary but for now the working title is probably going to be something like “Rose Hill Cemetery  Tales of the Paranormal.”

Anyways stay awesome and I will be in touch with you awesome people in he next upcoming weeks.