Paranormal Documentary Update: The Rough Cut

Hey guys!

So the Rough Cut of my documentary is out on You Tube. It is a little bit longer than the required time. My documentary right now is just nine seconds over the limit (7-8 minutes) so I am looking at stuff to cut.

Please take the time to not only watch it but also to comment and tell me what you like what you did not like, and also if anything seemed to not make sense.

The Final Cut will be available on my You Tube Channel this up coming Monday July 11, 2016 so keep your eyes open for that. I will also be posting it here as well as on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

Thank you guys so much for the support and critique and a big shout out to Adam Anthony from the Paranormal Service Department as well as Scotty and Jenene from Rose Hill Cemetery who took the time  to talk to me and show me the history of Rose Hill.

Names in order of appearance:

-Scotty Davis: Rose Hill Cemetery Sextant
-Jenene Eddins: Rose Hill Cemetery Office Assistant
-Adam Anthony: Paranormal Elleviator and Head of Paranormal Service Department.


Paranormal Update: Rough Draft

Hello Guys and Gals!

So for this update I decided to create a little video explaining how things are going also included below are some pictures I took.

Anyways go ahead and enjoy also do not be alarmed by the bandage I donated plasma earlier today.


Photos right here:

photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Update on the Paranormal Documentary

Hey guys,

So right now I have more than just a screenshot for you guys. The good news is that right now I have a good story line featuring the urban legends surrounding Rose Hill Cemetery in Idaho Falls, ID.

I do not want to say too much because there are three really good stories surrounding the cemetery and I will be posting a rough cut of the documentary here later in a couple of weeks.

But right here is a screenshot of me just doing some editing in Premier right here:


Anyways that is the updates so far. I was really scared that this documentary was going to be scrapped but thank goodness I found another route to take and it is working out really well.

Still working on a title for the documentary but for now the working title is probably going to be something like “Rose Hill Cemetery  Tales of the Paranormal.”

Anyways stay awesome and I will be in touch with you awesome people in he next upcoming weeks.

The Paranormal Documentary A lesson to be learned

First let me start off by saying sorry for missing you guys last week. Anyways the good news is that the documentary is shaping up really well. This last week I got a tone of filming done, and it looks like a good story is now in the works.

The story is not what I had intended originally but then again  that is journalism for you.

I also learned a very valuable lesson: always back up your work!

Let me explain: I recently bought a brand new laptop and when I had started filming I had put all my work on that laptop, and then the unthinkable happened:

It froze and I could not access what I needed.

When stuff like this happens a simple rule to for everyone to follow whether you work with video, photography, or anything really is to always have multiple copies of your work. That way when you do if you lose some of your work you do not have to start from scratch.

The good news was that I was able to fix my laptop and later access the work I had done but can you imagine how it wold have been if I was not able?

Worst nightmare ever!

So just to give you guys something to look forward too I will be posting some pictures and videos in later weeks, and the rough cut real soon.


Update on the Documentary

Hey guys!

Ercekj here again with anther update on the Paranormal Documentary work. So still having some problems with going on an actual hunt but that will hopefully be remedied by next week.

In the meantime I will be taking this weekend to shoot some dramatic recreations. So what are “Dramatic Recreations?”

They are scripted scenes that are mean to help tell the story but also are not necessarily  true. They are used in a sense to add flavor or drama to the story.

However to ensure that this does not turn into some cheesy,  drawn-out, Halloween-style documentary, I will be keeping the scenes to a minimum and very short. Anyways below is a picture of some of the props I will be using. I will see you guys in a week or so.


Paranormal Project 2

Hey guys! Ercekj here again.

So I told you guys when I would be posting more about my documentary here is some more for that.

Right now the working title of this project is “Haunted America Destination: East Idaho.” This may be subject to revision  but more on that later.

So this past week I met with Adam Anthony a paranormal specialist in Idaho Falls. He specializes in the alleviation of paranormal entities and helping individuals that are afflicted with such.

Below is a short clip from our interview this past week on how to help people afflicted by a paranormal entity. The footage has had some rendering problems causing it to flicker and be longer than it actually is. I will have that fixed and then more content for you guys next week.



Documentary in the Works


Hey guys Ercekj here,

So right now I am in the middle of a big project. In the next couple of months I will be working on a documentary film that visits the paranormal. The cool thing is that I will be meeting with people that actually conduct both investigations and the removal of pests of supernatural proportions in Idaho!

So where is this documentary gonna be? When will it be finished? Who am I going to be talking to?

All of that and more will be coming soon right here on Ejournals as well as my You tube channel: John Ercek, and twitter feed @RealJohnErcek.

So stay tuned and I will be sure to upload and keep you guys in the loop for this awesome adventure.