The End of My Fitness Journey

Hey guys! Ercekj here again with another Fitness update!

I am sorry that this post is late in the making as well as not keeping up with you guys during the last two weeks, I had some family stuff going on,  and some work-related things but I have some time now.

For those wanting the quick story I have made a video here:

Those that would prefer to read continue down below.

Did I reach my goal?

So what happened these last few weeks? I was keeping up with going to the gym, my diet was better than it had been a few months ago, but the big question is did I meet my goal of dropping down to 175lbs by Labor Day?

Short answer: No.

For some odd reason unbeknownst to me I still had been fluctuating between 177 and 179lbs which I later looked up and it turns out according to the National Institute of Health means that I am in the Normal range in terms of being healthy.

In fact the NIH has a range and BMI calculator that you can use to determine your health status, which can range from Normal, Overweight, and Obese by calculating your height and weight.

However after this I still kept up with my work out routine, supplement/diet regimen and by Saturday September 9th I was at 175lbs. So now my fluctuation period changed now from 177-179lbs to between 175-178lbs.

What am I going to do about this?

Well the fact that I reached my goal makes me feel great about myself despite it happening much later than I had hoped for.

Now that the cutting has been done, I have met my goal I feel like I know what went wrong, what went right and what you can do if you are thinking of doing the same thing. So in my video as well as my blog I will be giving my final three tips for cutting that I feel everyone needs to know if they want to do the same.

Here are the tips and believe me the struggle is REAL!

Tip #1 Research! Research! Research!

You know that horrible thing you had to do in high school and in college when you were writing a paper on a subject and present your findings to class?

If you have not yet you will trust me.

Well it applies to everything! Including Fitness more so than you would think, and believe me it took a while for me to get everything just right.

I had to find out what my body type was, what food allergies if I had any, dieting, it all really adds up!

My greatest regret is that in the beginning of my fitness journey I went in with the mindset that “Oh as long as I am using the right supplements I am going to be alright!”

Not necessarily the case.

You can still be taking the right supplements, but if you do not research your body type, an ideal training program, watch what you eat , you will not get the results that you desire.

Tip #2 Set up a Monthly Budget

This is something that is heavily emphasized a lot when it comes to anything in life and as long as you know what you want, and what you can spend you cannot go wrong.

Another regret I have was that I did not set a budget and that kind of messed me up financially. Which is why I put it to you guys look at how you are making money, and budget accordingly.

Because if you cannot afford something then you need to know your options, and it can get pretty expensive pretty fast.

You end up spending a lot of money on a gym membership, equipment, supplements, workout clothes, food. Somehow you got to balance that with rent, groceries and everything else in life.

IF you can do it all and pay all the bills your journey will be a lot less stressful for it and you will have one less problem standing in the way of your goals.

Tip #3 Stick to your Regimen

Fitness itself is a marathon and not a sprint, it takes time and a lot of effort to put it all together. You may have to do some things that make you feel uncomfortable.

I know that one of the things I did to keep myself on track was I had to watch what I ate and most importantly only eat one serving. Sometimes I even had to say no to dessert and I love desert!

But you have to ask yourself some questions before you put that food in your mouth.

Do you want to enjoy some food or enjoy a healthy body? What is that food going to do to your body? Save yourself before you treat yourself!

A wise man once said to me if you want the best results save one day to be your cheat day once a month! It’s those kinds of things that will push you to be your best and get the results you want as well as deserve.

In Conclusion

Alright so that is my fitness update for those that have been with me since day one thanks you so much for your love and support. If you are new to my blog hit like and follow, if you are watching this on You Tube subscribe for more content either fitness related or comical.

Also, if you have not seen it yet my third compilation comedy video “A little Dose of Nonsense” is out on my channel. I am thinking of putting together more sketches but in a longer format and we will see how that works out at a later date. I will see you guys next week.