Week 15 Here We go!

Hey guys Ercekj here,

So for my fitness update I got some great news. I actually stopped fluctuating and am now weighing in at a solid 181 lbs.

This means I have only got 6 more pounds left to go and I am right on target for my due date September 4th!

Of course looking back on my time on the blog and carefully working hard, pushing myself and talking about everything there is a lot that I did not cover in this blog.

This week’s topic is on Dieting

Every time we look out in the world we see dozens of diets and fads out there about how insert celebrity here lost 50lbs on a diet.

But the thing that these diets do leave a person unsatisfied because one, naturally we are selfish beings and want to eat whatever we want, when we want, with little or no consequences.

Two, a lot of these diets put us into a starvation mode that forces us to only consume a set amount of calories per meal sometimes as low as two hundred calories.

So what happens?

We invest money into a fad diet, loose a tremendous amount of weight during the diet but then when we finish it what happens?

We return back to the same habits as before and get all that weight back.

So on the one side you have a fad diet which costs money, and  but the results are not long-lasting. The other side? Attempting to stay healthy through trial and error. There is also the “I don’t Care” attitude and that gets no one anywhere.

But fear not! I will briefly tell you three little things that can help because they are things I do and have done to help my routine.

#1 Cut out the Parasites


What I mean by the term “parasite” is a food or drink that is just there for fluff, pleasure or guilty-pleasure foods. These foods and drinks are full of sweeteners, high sugar content, salt, and a bunch of other stuff to get you hooked.

Why do we get hooked?

Scientist show that our bodies need sugar and salt in our system to survive just like we need water to stay hydrated.

Just…not in the amounts that are often times astronomically overdone when it comes to these foods.

In fact it has been estimated that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar per day which amounts to 77lbs of sugar a year!

The rule here is simple: Sweets, and sweet drinks are better enjoyed once in a blue moon but not every day of the week. There is sugar in fruit so remember to only eat as much as recommended.

Lastly stay away from things with artificial sweeteners as those are far worse than thing with sugar.You will save more money, feel better about yourself, and avoid a lot of unnecessary weight gain.

#2 Get plenty of Rest


Scientists have done plenty of studies around sleep and how it effects our bodies. The sad thing is that often times we are so occupied and working so hard or so late we do not get enough sleep.

I know as an undergraduate I had a few times where I worked on video projects from 9pm til 3am and then turned in the project at noon so I could go to bed at 3pm.

Not really healthy on my part.

Get yourself in a good sleep schedule where you get a good amount of sleep. Doctor’s recommend anywhere from 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This ensures both that your mind is well rested, you will have less stress, and you will retain as well as gain good lean muscle.

Never underestimate the benefits from getting a good night’s rest! If something comes up where that may be jeopardized then plan ahead to where you get the minimum of 7  to 8 hours, or plan a short nap during the day.

#3 Drinking Water


This is something that can really help when it comes to your mood, loosing weight, and staying hydrated.

However one thing that is increasingly disturbing is that a lot of people do not think about drinking water. You want to loose weight? Stay healthy? Drink water in lieu( in place) of whatever beverage you had in mind.

Especially since water accounts for 75% of our body.

Fun fact according to mindbodygreen.com keeping yourself well hydrated aids in your body’s ability to flush out toxins, boosts your immune system, and as well as promoting weight loss helps your skin’s complexion.

So when you are craving a sugary beverage try substituting it with good clean water instead. You will feel and do a lot better that way. Not to mention save money because water is free almost everywhere you go!

In Conclusion

These are all things that have aided me granted there are a lot more things I do to achive the results I want. Add these tips to your diet and work out routine and you will reach your goals.

That is a promise and what I recommend.

I will see you guys next week to give you an update on my fitness journey also be on the look out as I will be putting out more comedy videos on my You Tube channel soon so look out for that!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome wherever you are!




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