Transformation Beginning Week #6

JohnHErcekIII (3 of 3)

Hey guys Ercekj here with another update in my 4 month journey to loose weight and look great.

So for starter’s got some good news; I started to loose weight again! Last week I was at 186 lbs and now I am at 185lbs. I mean it was only one pound but still it is progress!

It was not without it’s challenges though.

One thing that I noticed was that throughout my time dieting, exercising, and watching myself to ensure I did not do anything stupid was that I was feeling depressed.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Ercekj you are at 185 lbs and have a lot going for ya how can you be depressed?” So I thought about how far I had come and what was making me feel depressed and it was a few things that I feel should be shared.


JohnHErcekIII (1 of 3)

Sometimes we look at other’s and we as a human beings compare our progression based on the progression of others.  I actually was following a ton of people in the fitness and body building industry via social media and felt inadequate.

There were these people, men and women who were strong, confident, making money and were happy. The thoughts came to me “I am nowhere near these people.”

Granted at the same time I was in it to feel better about myself and make this great accomplishment. But I let my sour feelings stew around if you will and that made things worse.

have never been clinically diagnosed with depression but it hits me just as much as the next guy, or gal and the only thing that made sense was to go to the gym anyway.

So to summarize one ,your competition is the person you were in the past.  Whether or not that was one week ago, six weeks ago, or five years ago that is who your competition is and will always be.

Second do not do what I did or have done and let the progression of someone else make your progression look small or a waste of time. Instead look at them and congratulate them and be happy because at one point they were in your shoes and can relate. Someone else struggled just as much as you did at one point and if you reach out to them they can help.


JohnHErcekIII (2 of 3)

You guys are familiar with the phrase “Idle mind is the Devil’s playground right?” It is a classic Christian saying. Basically if I were to modernize this it would be “If you do not have a plan then you are planning to fail.”

As a content creator and aspiring editor for film and the web I have a lot I want to get done but at the same time there are all these distractions that get in the way.

I was finding time to workout, supplement, rest, but I was not focusing on some very serious stuff. If you are not setting up a plan to succeed then do not be surprised when you fail. You got to take the necessary steps to reach your goals otherwise it is just a pipe dream.

In Conclusion

This week has been an eye-opener that is for sure. I have made some progress but if there is one thing I have learned it is that I cannot afford to get too excited.

Something I should have mentioned is that this is a four-month long program that I started back in May. I want to do well and that means planning well, working well, and doing everything I can to optimize my results.

Anyways that is my report for you guys I am sorry you had to wait so long for the update. I am actually thinking of changing to a vlog format and then just linking the videos from my You Tube channel.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below about you thoughts on a vlog style update and or if you have any questions. I will see you guys again in a couple of days!





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