My 4-Month Transformation Plan Week 1

Hey everybody Ercekj here!

I know it has been a long time since I posted something comical, video-related, or photography-related. Something I should mention though is that in addition to being a video/photo/comedy/nerd is that I am a fitness enthusiast.

In fact for my birthday which was fairly recently I bought a huge order of products from my now favorite supplement company Blackstone Labs.

If you have not heard of them they are a supplement store based in Boca, Florida and were established in 2012, CEO is PJ Braun , and they make awesome stuff.

So I looked into there products which I had tried in the past, plus done some research on how I should be working out as opposed to what I thought had been the right way for ages, and came up with a plan.

In this plan I would workout, diet, and supplement to help myself get down to my old weight of 175lbs. The weight I was when I graduated from high school.

As I am posting this blog post I have already begun and will be taking photos showing my progression, and also talking about my challenges.

I will at some later time be including a video here or there.

As of right now I am 6′ “2”, I weigh 190lbs, and need a haircut badly as shown in the picture below:

Image 1

Here are a list of some of the products I am using in case you are interested and would like to know more. I will be making an additional blog post that goes over them in more detail and has better-quality photos:

Pre-workout: Dust V2 Red Ice flavor ( Black lemonade is better in my opinion) GlycoLog (Nutrient partitioning agent, non-stim).

Weight management: Cobra Extreme Fat Burner, Trojan Horse(non-stim) Fat Burner, Eradicate, Estrogen Blocker/Fat burner.

Recovery: Ressurgence Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplement(BCAA) (Pina Coloda flavor) Angonen( Plant-based Anabolic Activator).

Anyways this is my plan. I will be keeping you guys up to date on my weekly progress. If you are interested in trying stuff by Blackstone Labs the link to there Website is right here: Blackstone Labs

You will need to create an account and they do offer discounts. Be safe, and plan well. If you want to know which ones work the best leave a comment with your questions and I will do the best to answer them.

That being said I am not a fitness guru.

Everybody’s body is different and the things that I use may or may not work for you and vice-versa. My best advice to you is to speak with on of there representatives either online or over the phone.

Also there are some supplements that I have not tried yet so if I do not answer your question chances are that is one of the reasons why.

If you are unsure about a product please consult a doctor before buying! Be safe, be wise and  I will see you guys next week!