Revelations : What is your dream?

This year has been one of eye-opening realizations and revelations. A lot of people talk about what great things that they have planned for the year; lose weight, finish school, find love to name a few. I had something else in mind as this new year began.

I wanted to find my true passion and then make my passion a career.

But how? I did not know what it was. All my life I had always been dissuaded from one thing to the next.  For example back  when I was five I had a dream that I would become an Archeologist. This was mostly having been raised with films like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Jumanji to name a few.

Well, my mother sat me down and then told me what I would have to do. One, I would have to get a Doctorate at college which meant 4-8yrs of schooling. Two, I would have to teach in order to support myself. Lastly, I would have to publish new things to stay employed.

I look back on that and now I think that it would not have been so hard if I had tried. But in the mind of a five year-old that seemed more work than I wanted to dedicate at the time. So that dream quickly died. That became the mentality of myself for many years and even now to this day I find myself looking at anything with scrutiny.

Especially when someone asks the worst question(in my opinion) ever when they talk to you about your profession:

“Is it really worth it?”

Now that I look back on it I could have made a great Archeologist. Alas I will never know. What I do know is that regardless I know how to do something and that I enjoy it. Our tastes change constantly, what you may like one day may not be the same for you the next day or heck even a year from now.

I still love history, but now I love other things like photography, video, and making people laugh which is something I strive to do everyday.  That is my calling and what I do. I also make fitness related blogs too.

To see some of my video projects check them out here: John Ercek

For more content stay tuned, until then my friends,