Workout Etiquette #1

Hey guys Ercekj here,

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything so I thought I would give you guys an update. I moved back down to California and now a college graduate.

But..enough about that. One of the reasons I have not posted anything is due to me being busy looking for employment and also spending a considerable amount of time working out in a long term goal to loose weight.

So I figured I would make this post about  about supplementation and some rules to follow when you are using supplements in your routine. Specifically powder-based supplements.

Tip 1 Always clean your Shaker Bottle and or Blender


I cannot stress the importance of this! Your shaker bottle just like your weights, workout attire and your supplements are all tools used to sculpt yourself into a healthier, better you. Therefore do not let it go unwashed.

If you do be prepared for a stink bomb that will make rotten eggs seem like a bouquet of roses. Same thing goes for your blender.

Tip 2 Use a Knife to level your Powder-Based Supplements


You only have a certain amount of servings per container that you buy. To maximize your powder-based supplements use a butter knife to scoop off an excess powder from the top of your scooper and put back into the jar.

This will not only save money but you will also minimize the risk of using more than the recommended. This is crucial especially when it comes to things like pre-workout and protein powders that have a certain amount of calories per serving and in the case of pre-workout caffeine and other stimulants.

Example of a level scoop:


Tip 3 Shake really well

When it comes to powder-based supplements the common problem is that you never get everything fully mixed. In the case of using a shaker bottle shake for a good while, thirty seconds tops.

If that does not work then use a blender and add a couple ice cubes to help it dissolve and cool it whether it is pre-workout or if it is protein powder. In the case of a blender 30 to 45 seconds usually does the trick.





Tip 4 Drink Slowly

Whether it is a protein shake, pre-workout, or a BCAA mix a good rule of thumb is to always drink slowly. The pre-workout I used featured in these photos was green-apple flavored and very sour.

Drinking fast can do several things; one you get full flavor hit, two you can get sick. Drinking slowly helps you to assess the taste, after-taste, and helps your body get used to the supplement.  Overall it improves the experience especially if it is your first time using the supplement.

In Conclusion

Be careful what your use, and how often. One thing that has been the bane of my existence is that I would workout, use my supplements, and then eat. Usually I would make a mistake eating and or using too much of a particular supplement.

It is always the top three; supplementation, diet, and exercise. If you cheat in one area you will not succeed. That is what I know what from my own experience and what I recommend.

( Supplement featured: Cobra Labs The Curse Pre-Workout Green Apple Envy Flavor)