Photobook Portfolio

This is my photobook in a pdf format for your viewing pleasure encompassing all of my projects from the last few months. Hope you all enjoy it, and feel free to comment as well.

PhotobookCover2John H. Ercek III Photobook


Rose Hill Cemetery Urban Legends

At long last my documentary is finished! A lot of hard work went into putting this together I hope you all enjoy it.

Special thanks to the staff at Rose Hill Cemetery for taking time out of there busy schedule to talk to me and help with the production as well as Mr. Adam Anthony for taking time to talk to me as well.


Paranormal Documentary Update: The Rough Cut

Hey guys!

So the Rough Cut of my documentary is out on You Tube. It is a little bit longer than the required time. My documentary right now is just nine seconds over the limit (7-8 minutes) so I am looking at stuff to cut.

Please take the time to not only watch it but also to comment and tell me what you like what you did not like, and also if anything seemed to not make sense.

The Final Cut will be available on my You Tube Channel this up coming Monday July 11, 2016 so keep your eyes open for that. I will also be posting it here as well as on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

Thank you guys so much for the support and critique and a big shout out to Adam Anthony from the Paranormal Service Department as well as Scotty and Jenene from Rose Hill Cemetery who took the time  to talk to me and show me the history of Rose Hill.

Names in order of appearance:

-Scotty Davis: Rose Hill Cemetery Sextant
-Jenene Eddins: Rose Hill Cemetery Office Assistant
-Adam Anthony: Paranormal Elleviator and Head of Paranormal Service Department.

Spring 2016 Fine Art Print and Review

So  as per my last blog regarding photography I chose five photos and after receiving the critique of my peers I printed the one that received the most votes.

Down below is a short video talking about the process.

Just below the video is my original image with the edited version and the edits I made to them mentioned in the description. Enjoy!


Before Photo:

Water that's Lit BeforeAfter Photo:

Water that's Lit(web edition)

Date Taken: 05-03-16 Time: 12:53 p.m. Place: Pines Apartments. Focal Length: 47mm. Aperture: f/5. Shutter Speed: 1/4000 Camera: Cannon Rebel T3ki No Flash. I later took this photo in Photoshop and added a vibrancy layer with the vibrance at 100 and the saturation at 26.

Paranormal Update: Rough Draft

Hello Guys and Gals!

So for this update I decided to create a little video explaining how things are going also included below are some pictures I took.

Anyways go ahead and enjoy also do not be alarmed by the bandage I donated plasma earlier today.


Photos right here:

photo 1Photo 2Photo 3