Activity 6-2 Experimenting with Reflectors

A reflector is a flexible screen that can be used to give photos a glow or create shadow. For this assignment we took pictures of one another while another student used the reflector to either cast shadows, diffuse the light source, or to cast a gold or silver glow on our photo’s subject.  For this one I did a Silver reflection, a Gold reflection, and a Shadow. All photos were taken on a Canon Rebel T5.

Silver Reflection Before Taken on a Canon T5

Silver Reflection Before.

Silver Reflection After. Taken on a Canon T5 Rebel

Silver Reflection After. For this photo I had my fellow classmate take the silver part of the reflector to focus the light on her face. If you look in the previous photo you notice her entire face is completely in shadow. However using the reflector in the second photo not only lit up her face but enhanced the glow on her bangs.

Casting a Shadow Before. Taken on a Canon T5 Rebel

Casting a Shadow, Before.

Casting Shadow, After. Taken on a Canon Rebel T5.

Casting Shadow, After. Taken on a Canon Rebel T5. For this one I wanted to shadow my subject completely. So I took the disk and using the black part of the diffuser blocked out the light coming from the sun. If you look at the previous photo my subject is partially lit but by using the diffuser I go him completely in shadow and caught him in focus. The previous photo he was partially in the light but it was a bit too bright where his features were partially washed out.

Gold Reflector Before. Taken on a Canon Rebel T5

Gold Reflector , Before.

Gold Reflector, After. Taken on a Canon Rebel T5.

Gold Reflector, After.  For this one I had my subject elevated and had another student take the gold reflector and reflecting the light gave my subject a nice golden glow on the subjects face. Looking at the before photo you can see that she is in the shadows a lot. So the glow helps brighten up the left side of her face and gives it a nice golden look.







One thought on “Activity 6-2 Experimenting with Reflectors

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