Deborah Seaman Final Cut


This was the final cut of our BYU-Idaho Student Profile on Deborah Seaman a Senior and rising ceramics artist at BYU-Idaho.

In this interview Deborah expresses her insecurities and fears of becoming an Art major to pursue her love of ceramics. She also goes over how the life of an artist has it’s own difficulties, from the costs to make ceramics to the hard work and effort needed to put into it, as well as the patience required to be a good one.

Voice-Over and editing provided by Darren Windberg. Filming, interviewing and finding the story was a collaborative effort between myself Daren and our friend Rob who got us in contact with Deborah.


BYU-I Student Profile

For my Communications class we did a student profile on aspiring ceramics artist Debra Seamons. The following content is interview and VO done by Darren Windberg.