Misery is Part of Life No Reason to Add to it

Greetings Forum Ercekj here,

This is my first philosophical post In a while and it dawned on me..why are people miserable?

A lot of things cause misery, most of them external forces, bad news, politics, family feuds, and misery effects people differently in many forms and also in terms of duration.

I for one am well-known by my friends and family for being one that is easily depressed and miserable from external forces as well as the internal. Heck, we can’t even control a good deal of the external forces.

There is a ray of hope though.

We control the internal, and as long as we remember that then nothing can really bring us down.

I was walking on campus at the college I attend and I saw the following quote on one of the professor’s doors:

“Be dissatisfied enough to do better, and be satisfied enough to be content,”

I’m just paraphrasing but more or less I got this out of the message:

Don’t settle for being ordinary, but don’t beat yourself for not being extraordinary right this second.

So with that in mind be your best you can be, if you fail forgive yourself and move on. You are going to make it someday, and you do not need to add to your misery by mourning your past mistakes and screw-ups.

That is what I recommend,

Stay awesome Guys and Gals!