Review #1 Jewel Dust Body Powder For Men

Hello everyone,

If you read the last post I said that I would be doing something new in addition to blogging about dating, or comedy. Well this is it:

I will be reviewing products that I purchase.

This week to review is Jewel Dust Body Powder for men.

This is the one I got.

The picture makes the bottle look big but it only contains 4oz.

Let me tell the gentleman that read my blog that it is phenomenal!

The scent is great ,and that feeling of manliness is there. The only drawback is the price. Right now you can buy a 4oz bottle for $13,(on the website it says $12.99). On Amazon it is more expensive so I would get it from there main site as they also offer free shipping.

It takes 5 business days  to ship but if you order it on a Wednesday like I did it will arrive the following Monday.

So that’s what I have to say, I would definitely try it out if I were you. Just use sparingly as it only is a 4oz bottle and using too much may overpower those around you. This is not 5th grade.

Link to there main website as well as the link to purchase on Amazon is below.

This is Ercekj and this is what I would recommend

Link to the main website:

Link to purchase on Amazon:


Been forever hasn’t it?

Hey guys! Ercekj here.

It has been eons since the last time I posted anything comical, philosophical, or dating advice. Rest assured I have just been pretty busy.

But enough about that, I am pleased to inform you guys that I am now back on board and will be posting again. So what else is new? How are you guys doing? Has my advice been good for ya? I hope so.

For my next post stay tuned this Saturday Oct 24th because I will also be adding something else to the pantheon of things coming soon to Ejournals.

It’s what I’d recommend,