I’m back! Criticism and Growing up

Hello everyone! Sorry for having been out of the scene for awhile.

We all have demands in life, and we all face a little bit of criticism every now and then. It comes from our peers, our loved ones and a lot of the time ourselves.

If anyone has seen my latest post as to how humor is very simple I realized sure, humor is simple but what is not is trying to do something that everyone would like. If any of you are like me you want your work to be appreciated and have the least amount of criticism possible.

But there is the rub. How can we do any better if we do not take the chance of gettingĀ  very harsh criticism some times?

So that is why I am going to keep going, keep writing, and hopefully put some more short films as well on here.

Good luck to you guys, as a brand new month is swiftly coming around the corner.