Project 4 Montage COMM 130 Sec-02 10/24/13



Description: This project was designed to use two different photos and put them together as one picture.
Process: First I got my two pictures one of the moon that I had on my Facebook page, and another of a raven that I got off of a website. I then started a new project with the dimensions at 8.5 x 11 and placed the moon as the background image holding shift to ensure that it would not pixelate and hitting enter to give it a full-bleed effect. I then cropped the raven out of its original photo and placed it on a separate layer then from the moon layer. Afterwards I set the opacity to 26% and the filter at 74% to give it its ghostlike effect. I then made two separate text boxes with the quote being the body copy Times New Roman at 18pt font from the Oldstyle category of type. The second box is a Script font called Zapfino at 18pt font with an Arc text warp vertical style with the Blend at 50% and the horizontal distortion at 15% and vertical distortion at -10%.
Top 3 things learned:
2)Correct use of blending and masks.
3) Proper alignment of text.
Programs/Tools Used: Photoshop series CS6
Font #1 Name & Category: Times New Roman-Oldstyle
Font #2 Name & Category: Zapfino-Script
Thumbnails of Images used:

Common-Raven    moonpic
Sources (Links to images on original websites): Moon Image(my own), Raven image


Project 3 Imaging Project

Project 3 Imaging Project

This was another project where we had to take a picture of an image and then desaturate and also add afilter to the object. I took the picture on my Kodak digital camera, and using photoshop resized it into the 6X6 image you see here(JEIII4Withflash). I then desaturated the background using the quick selection tool in photoshop and afterwards added a neon glow filter to the background turning it a pale purple color. The settings for the glow filter were 2 for the size and 19 for the brightness.
Top three things I learned were:
1. Refresher course on learning Photoshop and it’s features.
2. How to better take pictures using my digital camera.
3. Imagination is Key!

Please note that the Picture above is the original without the filter or desaturated background. The following image is the finished product:




Project 2

Project 2

This is an event flier that I did for my COMM 130 advertising for a mock concert fundraiser at Idaho State University. First i scanned the picture from a guitar magazine from Wal-Mart. Then after opening it in word I re-sized it to make it a full-bleed image, and added a marker filter to the picture to give it almost a cartoon-like look. I then inserted two text boxes one on top first in Times new Roman and then another Decorative font called Chalkduster for the title. I then used Times New Roman for the body copy to better explain the fundraiser. Programs used were Microsoft Word, and the scanner machine.
Top three things that I learned are:
1. When you put yourself into the project you get more out of it.
2. How to properly size an image without it pixelating.
3. Imagination matters!!!

Picture used was from Guitar World Magazine also included in this post.



Project 1 Flier Assignment

Project  1 Flier Assignment

This is a project done in my Comm 130 Visual Media class, for a flier advertising a graduate meeting. It took a while using Inndesign. Using the elipse and fill tools I created three seperate ovals and then using the fill effects and text box option I changed the text from black to white. I then places the logo and picture resizing them using the place tool. The body copy is Times New Roman and comes from the Old style category, and the title is Apple Chancery from the script category.
The three things I learned are:
1. How to use Inndesign cs6
2. How to properly align textboxes using the green lines that pop up.
3. That white space is okay to have.
picture used girl smiling with guy in background: